Story 2

A strange buzzing woke her. She leaned over expecting her friends to drunkenly facetime her from the party, but her phone was silent. Instead, she stared at the phone bleary-eyed and noticed it was 5 AM. The buzzing persisted which warranted further inspection. Her room was dingy with clutter everywhere, plates of leftovers rested by the […]

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Due to the ongoings & strain that subject has put on me, it is with regret that I have to mention that I have been neglecting constellation. After meeting with my tutor today and making these feelings known, I have initiated a process in which I can start adding to dissertation again. The idea is […]

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Only a few days to go until the viva, and it is safe to say that I am not confident. My tutor informed me in developing one concept as much as possible rather than completing more ideation tasks. There is a decent amount of work to do between today and next week and I am […]

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Space saving, According to Google, the above term is defined as: occupying little space; enabling the available space to be used economically As such my furniture needs to be something carefully constructed & designed that takes up little space yet functional when needed. I was introduced, well not introduced but reminded of a keyword to […]

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My first review took place after changing tutors. It went well and I learned new things as well as gaining a new directive. My water lily concept was proven to contain a key flaw which means that I need to either improve on it or go back to the drawing board. I chose the latter. I […]

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Page 5

Many sketches were created for my tutor’s Wednesday scrutiny. Thankfully the feedback received was positive. There were comments made on the pages of sketches I had presented, more specifically ‘page 5’. My tutor had praised the concepts on that page as something which was a testament as to why I am on the course.  This left me feeling […]

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Flowering sucess

This mornings tutorial was quite a pleasant one. Our tutor continues with the positive feedback which is proving to have quite a good effect on us. I showed my sketches and concepts and he really liked the designs that push the boundaries. To be more specific, he quite liked concepts with floral influences and discussed […]

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