Secret Squirrel

She sat there annotating and critiquing almost each and every paragraph whilst I laughed, not at her but at my feeble attempts to convey an important message. Mysterious girl (dissertation) I want to be close to you Ok, that was cringy and I apologise. Originally there would be confusion as for why Ashley couldn’t understand […]

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Field 1,500 words reflection

When undertaking the process of constructing a business, a key learning experience was understanding how to get a name out there among the sea of competitors. Starting up a business seemed relatively tricky and resulted in our group thinking of names that would not only represent our brand but, also be memorable with the customers. […]

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Ramadan Revelation

First of all, there was anxiousness about how I would be able to get past these deadlines whilst sleep deprived and also hungry. As mentioned in the previous post, I was stressing quite a bit. Reflecting upon this, however, I am either on track and confident or, have made peace with my ever so impending […]

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Chaotic Stressing

So much to do, so little time. There was quite a chaos caused with regards to the CNC machine, it meant that people had to wait for not 1 but 2+ (maybe more) weeks to get their models finished. According to our lecturer, it should take us no less than 4 weeks to get them ready. […]

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OK so most of my boards are done, it’s just the Bill of Materials that needs to be completed and there is just a week left until the presentation date, it seems that I am doing okay then – oh wait, there is still the A5 description to do.. great!. Actually, that shouldn’t take long. […]

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Fruit Pot

I sat there, in front of the computer having my lunch when I noticed something, the fruit in the pot was being organised by myself in an almost subconscious manner. My mind seemed to be a separate component to the rest of my body, just observing what was being carried out. The fruit pot contained Pineapples, […]

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More stairs to climb

Just when things are looking better, there is the addition of more work… yay! The drill project is coming along, not nicely – just coming along. I am trying to get my posters done before my drill will be CNC’d so that I can concentrate on that alone when it is done. In total there […]

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