Flowering sucess

This mornings tutorial was quite a pleasant one. Our tutor continues with the positive feedback which is proving to have quite a good effect on us. I showed my sketches and concepts and he really liked the designs that push the boundaries. To be more specific, he quite liked concepts with floral influences and discussed […]

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Furniture Surveillance

After conducting research, I have found myself to be in a position where there is uncertainty as to how to use it and where to go. The initial concepts of a wall divider have been somewhat of a narrow-minded approach to the needs of an innovative piece of furniture. After meeting with my tutor, he […]

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Wall + Chair = WAir

Wair oh wair do I have space for my chair? Ok I am consciously spelling the word wrong (duh). Designing space saving objects (and reading some books) have garnered an idea of a wall partition which can double up as a piece of furniture. While reading the book ‘designs for small spaces’ by Jennifer Hudson, she […]

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Mustering for Masters

Initially the idea was that masters takes two years, this was corrected after a year meeting with our head of subject (Clara). I have found that it takes only one year and you can get funding. The thought is very tempting, I enjoy Product Design and would very much like to be a specalist in […]

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Catch him if you can

In all of three weeks, I have only seen my tutor once. This is quite alarming as many of my peers are completing a lot of work under the direction of theirs. Based on what I’ve learned of my tutor, I can say that he is always rushing around attending many other things… except for […]

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