Collaborative Robots

Consider where co-bots could be useful in a domestic environment. The above is a brief statement which we can expand on and interpret as we please. Before taking this further, it is important to understand what a cobot is: (A cobot is) … A computer-controlled robotic device designed to assist a person oxford dictionary My […]

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A certain step

After a group meeting with my tutor today, I am confident in my choice. There is no doubt that there will be hard work to do, yet the hardest part of running this hurdled race is when it comes to jumping. The starting shot fired and we began running. The hurdles got closer and closer, […]

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Field, Filed, Fled

We were presented with two options in field. The first one related to completing a single project over 12 weeks and the second one related to completing 4 projects in the same amount of time. In other words, the second option had 4 3 week projects. The latter option really interests me, I essentially want […]

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Story 2

A strange buzzing woke her. She leaned over expecting her friends to drunkenly facetime her from the party, but her phone was silent. Instead, she stared at the phone bleary-eyed and noticed it was 5 AM. The buzzing persisted which warranted further inspection. Her room was dingy with clutter everywhere, plates of leftovers rested by the […]

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Due to the ongoings & strain that subject has put on me, it is with regret that I have to mention that I have been neglecting constellation. After meeting with my tutor today and making these feelings known, I have initiated a process in which I can start adding to dissertation again. The idea is […]

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Only a few days to go until the viva, and it is safe to say that I am not confident. My tutor told me to develop one concept as much as possible rather than completing more ideation tasks. There is a decent amount of work to do between today and next week and I am […]

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Space saving, According to Google, the above term is defined as: occupying little space; enabling the available space to be used economically As such my furniture needs to be something carefully constructed & designed that takes up little space yet functional when needed. I was introduced, well not introduced but reminded of a keyword to […]

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